Cricket Force – thanks for your support!

Thanks to everyone who came along at the weekend and helped out with the cricket force event.

We managed to get most of the work done that was required, and this was only achieved with your hard work. The list of helpful volunteers across the two days is as follows;

James Foulkes, Richard Myers, Vicky Myers, Scott Myers, Leanne Drinkall, Graeme Hughes, Lawrence Hughes, Julian Ballinger, Ryan Hale, Michael Heffernan, Gareth Billington, Andy Postles, Andy Pearce, Joe Paul, Lynn Paul, Helen Jon & Gemma Porter, The Wright Family, Martin & Thomas Green, Ben Mortimer, Mike Salmon, The Dells, Lee Partner, Howard & Nicola Gadsby, Dax Artley (both days!), Ian Carpenter, Rob & Sam Crook, Dave Evans, Lewis & Mrs Jones, Ian Mason, Patrick Sampson

Thanks to everyone who came along to help out, and those that said they could not make it. (Apologies if the list above has omitted anyone!)