New senior membership committee role

A new role on the committee has been proposed of Senior Membership Secretary. The aim of this position is to

  • Liaise with the treasurer about paid / unpaid / concessionary membership subscriptions
  • Liaise with the captains or play-cricket website about paid / unpaid match fees
  • Chase any unpaid moneys
  • Notify and enforce any restrictions for those that have outstanding fees.
  • This does not include the colts section, which is a separate position.
This is important for the following reasons
  • Creating equality by ensuring all players are paying their far share
  • Ensuring the club does not lose out on any revenue owed due to the ever increasing costs of running the club
  • Ensuring people are paid up members and therefore covered by the club’s insurance (any non-members are not covered, social membership does count).
Please do let us know prior to the AGM if you would be interested in taking up this role,

The club does not run itself, and relies on an ever-reducing number of people to do the work – which makes us stretched, stressed and susceptible to error.