Nat West CricketForce Update

A big thank you to the following members for your help and support today in completing all the tasks we had set ourselves , (apart from cleaning up the BBQ!):

Brian Gillingham, Dave Evans, Ben Choularton, Rob Crook, Luke Crook, Karin Crook, Terry Hehir, Vicky Myers, Julian Ballinger, Ali Wright, Josie Wright, Lynn Paul , Joe Paul, Abeed Janmohamed, Zac Janmohamed (painter in chief!), John Hubbard, Scott Myers, Andy Postles, Mia Postles (managed her father very well and kept him on track!), Tozzy Bridger, Sam Bridger, Graeme Hughes, Michael Heffernan

Thanks to your help we are now in a great position for the start of the new season.

Richard Myers