Sponsors – A message from Scott Myers

Not long until the season starts now!

As you are all aware, we at Alton CC are always on the lookout for new potential sponsors, and this year is no different! As a club, sponsorship money is vitally important for us to survive.

From my years of doing this, I have found that the best results we have had, have come from our members, or someone directly linked to a member.

I am asking you for your help on this. Please can you all have a think about whether you know somebody who may be interested in exposure via sponsorship with us. OR perhaps your own company you work for might be interested. For example, I work for TaylorMade Golf and a couple of years ago, on the off chance I asked our marketing director if they could do anything and ended up getting £500 to hang up 2 banners at the ground.

Myself and my team have produced the attached document which is very simple and outlines what the club is about, what we can offer in terms of sponsorship, and what is in it for the potential sponsor.

Please, please, please, ask as many people as you can think of. THE WORST THEY CAN SAY IS NO!!!

Kind regards
Scott Myers
Alton CC 1st Team Captain