Your Club Needs Your Help!


We need to complete the annual repairs to the club and kit next weekend, (Nat West CricketForce).

I am available all day Saturday 31st March but will need a lead on the Sunday.

The Council have started work on renovating the external part of the pavilion., and this work will be completed ahead of the coming season.

We, as a Club, are responsible for the internal areas and have a number of areas to paint, tidy up and check.

We need to ask as many members, players and parents for their help. It does not need to be all day, both days, as many people attending does share the work

Therefore could you share this message with as many people as possible and then ask them to advise me of their availability.

Saturday I will open up at 9am

Bacon butties, tea, coffee will be provided – Clare will cooking the bacon butties about 11am – if there is someone to assist in the kitchen that would be great

Many Thanks

Graeme Hughes